Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Taking a break from installing a new shower surround ... my wife might tell you that for the last month Ive been taking a break from installing a new shower surround and I guess I couldn't argue with her much on that one.

Well, I had stuff to say when I sat down here, but none of it seems to be interesting to me now, except to mention that my knuckles hurt from beating on the heavy bag for thirty minutes without gloves (don't do that.)

Back to the shower...

Friday, May 26, 2006

WArming up to this "Myspace Friends" thing... slowly

Wow ... I now have two friends in the "myspace" world ... just about the same number of friends that I have in the real world. This whole thing started because my little brother wanted me to see a video on his myspace. Being that his site was set to "private" or "only my friends can see" or whatever it's called, I had to create an account to logon just to see his video. Next, my daughter caught me setting up my account and got all excited -- 'cause now dad's cool, apparently.

I'm still somewhat reluctant about this whole thing (As one of my friends said this morning, "Isn't myspace just for kids and pedophiles?") but I am warming up to it a bit. So far I've gotten more positive comments than negative. (Well, in all honesty, for that to be completely true you have to realize that I've only received one comment, and it was: "Very nice ... unlike most myspace pages, it doesnt scream Im naked in my living room, please IM me" That's positive, right?)