Friday, June 23, 2006


Headed out for a long backpacking trip in a few days and went for a short three mile shakedown trip tonight ... my legs are a little sore right now.

I wish I had a way to blog from the trail... maybe next time.

I'm really looking forward to getting away for nine days ... time to recharge the batteries. I haven't been away from my family this long before, and that will be tough, and I'll also miss my friends I'm sure, but I'll come back a kinder, gentler (probably skinnier) soul after I spend some time in the wilderness...

Friday, June 09, 2006


I may not be the man I want to be; I may not be the man I ought to be; I may not be the man I could be; I may not be the man I truly can be; but praise God, I'm not the man I once was.
-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The last thing I posted here was inane ... even for me ... so I deleted it. Kinda neat that when looking back over something you did a few days ago and seeing that it was actually kind of stupid, you can just scroll down there to the "delete" button and wipe it out. It never happened. The whole two people who read this probably don't even remember what was here before, and if you remember it today, I'm sure you won't remember it for long. It's not as if I'll be at Boston's a year from now and Mike will say, "Hey guys, remember the bad blog entry of 2006?" Nope... it's gone.

Too bad life doesn't have a "delete" button. Stepped in dog poop with open toed shoes on? Delete. Stayed out too late last night? Delete the last two hours of the night and start over. Picked the wrong job? Delete it and pick up where you left off.

I was about to write that the only thing keeping us from deleting those things is our own mind and the way we as human beings process our thoughts and feelings, but that's not completely true. I can't simply will the dog poop to disappear from between my toes... it's still there and it still stinks. What I can do is wash it off and move on, being careful not to land in the next pile of poop that I come across. Eventually, I'll be much better at avoiding the poop and much better at washing it off... and I won't be the man I once was.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Beautiful Day

Ever have one of those "Beautiful days?" I slept in a little this morning, the kids are downstairs playing (and not fighting) and the weather is perfect outside. (For now -- It's Ohio ... it'll change in a second.) I have a wonderful wife, super kids, good friends and a slightly larger than healthy belly that indicates I also eat well and don't want for food. Unfortunately I've got to go in to work a little early today, which is no big deal, but it's the kind of day where I'd much rather be sitting on a patio with friends all day and night drinking a beer or two.

I had some hate issues for a few days... but I let that go. I rarely actually "hate" anyone. The earth is loaded with people I don't like or don't have a use for, but hate is something different. I knew that even for the few short days I was hating, it was eating me up, so a friend told me to let it go. Don't get me wrong, the object of my hate earned every single bit of it, but letting it go feels so much better... I'll let karma take over from here...

Now, it's a beautiful day.

(07-08-06 Update ... a few days after I wrote this and stopped my hating, karma did come along... in the form of a 53 Mph car. Karma rocks.)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The shower is done!

Well, the shower is finished. (BTW, when the bottle of CPVC cement says "wipe off excess with a soft cloth..." don't make the mistake of thinking that your fingers will do the trick... I'll be picking cement off my fingers for days.)

Speaking of which, it's time to hit the shower and head in to work...

(Told ya you had something better to do than read this....)