Thursday, July 06, 2006


Here I am... back home. I missed my wife, kids, and friends, but can't really say I missed much else while I was gone.

Pictures of the great event are at for the world to see.

The trip was great, and I highly recommend Red River Gorge as a hiking, backpacking, or camping destination. Having spent so much time out west in the Rocky's and Sierra's, I've always been a little down on camping and packing here in the East... I was a fool.

The time in the "wilds" was exactly what the doctor ordered. I'm back on track with a whole old perspective... I guess I would say "new perspective" but that's not really the case. I guess what I sort of did was regain the perspective I once had:

--A job is just for money, so I can feed the family. Nothing special about it. I'd give mine up today if there was a better way to get food.

--God is up there. ("The heavens are sounding the glory of God; the arch of the sky makes clear the work of his hands." Ps. 19.1)

--Stuff is just stuff. I need to be dry, warm, full, and that's that. Everything else material is unimportant.

--I'm small.

--It's ok to hurt. I'm talking physically here, but I imagine it applies to emotions, too. The strongest steel comes from the hottest fire, and all that stuff.

--Comfort Zones are bad.

Enough boring philosophy from me for one day...


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