Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gravity Sucks!

Rock climbing is the best... falling, on the other hand, really sucks!
This morning I took the worst climbing fall Ive ever had ... 25-35 feet into the ground. Im waaay too sore to type much more so:
short version... at least four broken ribs, sprained my ankle, and ripped a bunch of skin off my right hand -- not quite a de-gloving, but close. Three to four weeks off work. damn.
I'll expand on the story soon..

the rest of the story

Today I was climbing with my two young sons (eight and ten) and with a friend of mine and his son (seven.)I'm still not entirely sure what happened: it was either that I dropped over the edge to rappel without having EVER connected the descender, or I forgot to lock the biner and as i dropped off the ledge rope or something hit the gate just right, disconnecting the figure 8. I'm thinking it's the latter, because I vaguely remember pulling the slack in before I swung out. I remember thinking for a split second, "I'm going too fast" and then I remember seeing the figure 8 shoot past as I fell past it, and I remember thinking "Oh no....." I hit a little outcropping of rocks on the way down, and I heard three or four ribs break, clear as day. Then I continued on down, landing on my right ankle, trying to roll with the fall onto my butt and back, which I did manage to pull off. The worst part was laying at the bottom of the cliff listening to the three kids screaming and crying. Once I got up and moving one of the kids actually climbed on the top rope for a few minutes, before we walked the 1/4 mile back to the car... somewhat in shock, I walked into the ER a couple hours later and was on a backboard and being moved to the regional trauma center before I knew what hit me. The fall was between twenty five and thirty five feet and produced three or four badly broken ribs, one sprained ankle, and some AWFUL rope burns on my right hand. Three or four weeks off work... I triple and quad checked EVERYONE else... I got sidetracked and did something stupid when it was my turn. I had a decent sized pack on, which did two things: broke my fall quite a bit as i rolled on to my back, and kept me from falling head first. I was just about to lean straight out from the cliff's edge, and thought, "I think I'll do the sit-buttcheek-scooting special." Because of this, my body was parallel to the rock as I fell, had I leaned back... I surely woulda landed on my head or neck.


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