Sunday, September 17, 2006

Holy Matrimony, Batman!

I've been married twelve years as of today!

It's an odd thing, sitting here with my beer at 2:00 a.m... I never thought I would be old enough to have been married twelve years, but here I am. Pretty cool, actually. She is in the other room, asleep on the couch and as beautiful as she was twelve years ago... she puts up with my crap and my immaturity and still loves me, and I can't ask for anything else in the world.

And now for something completely different, a man with two buttocks...


I'm healing nicely now and trying to find a time to go climbing with friends... I'm not ready to climb quite yet, but I'll be happy to provide a belay and watch while others climb. All that's left for me to get back to work is for this darned ankle to heal, and I think it'll be soon. I think I'll probably be able to make that backpacking trip in November I was hoping for and I'm making plans for next spring and summer's adventures already. Enough with this sitting around and aging BS... I think I'll suck all the fun out of life's teat and go out with no regrets. Flying to Boston next week to see lil' bro, and can't wait for that...

Oh my! Here I am, trained observer, tactical genius with ninja skills, and I turn around to find that at some point my ten year old walked in the room and plopped down on the couch behind me, now fast asleep. (Landon: it's the couch that was your bed for a couple months at one point...) How did I not even hear him walk in here? Perhaps it was the six pack of Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale that dulled my senses... I'm glad he wasn't an Al Queda Assassin or I'd be a ghost...

Damn, this was random. Good night.

(Oh, BTW, if you are reading this... PLEASE go sign up to be one of my "readers." I've only got a few, and it's really getting me down...)


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