Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dream #2

I'm a passenger in a car with someone, I don't know who but it's a guy, and we are driving towards the mountains. It seems to be that we are somewhere in the desert driving toward a distant mountain range, somewhat like driving towards the Tetons. The driver remarks that "Even the little mountains look really big." I reply, "We should go over there and walk by the little mountains."

Next scene, I'm walking on a path that's following the road, alongside the 'little mountains." Both sides of the path are lined with tall chain link fence, but every so often the fence on the road side either has a break in it, or changes into a regular waist-high chain link fence. I'm walking alone. On the other side of the road is an identical path, but instead of people, buffalo are walking on the path. I'm watching the buffalo, and they seem to go through a series of gates and "channels" before continuing on their path, in the same direction I am, but on the other side of the road. Now there's a girl walking with me, I don't know who. I'm watching the buffalo and I notice that the mountains have now turned into the Sierra's, and the buffalo have turned into hairless wooly mammoths with buffalo ancestry. I comment to the girl with me, "I've been up there, that's Banner Peak" and point to a mountain top. She shrugs as to say 'big whoop." I turn to look at the buffa-mammoths again, and now there are three or four teenage boys walking on the mammot-low path. (Sorry... can't decide what word I like best to describe the mammoth/buffalo hybrids.) I begin yelling to the boys to get on the human path before they get eaten, but they just laugh at me and start playing with the mammalows. (I think I like that one.) I turn around and the girl is gone, which is strange because we're in a section of fence where there is no exit.

The path continues, and every time I look back at the mammalows, they are a little bit bigger, but never threatening. The boys who were playing with them are gone, but I didn't have the feeling that anything bad happened to the boys. They appear to be gentle mammalows. Suddenly the path turns to the right, away from the road, and the fence gets taller, leaving no option but to follow the path, which leads right into the front door of a log cabin, which ends up being a little shop selling Indian touristy junk.

I start shopping for touristy junk, then the alarm goes off, signaling that it's time to get the boys ready for school...


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