Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year "The Villages" style...

Yep, I rang in the new year at Sumpter Landing in The Villages. My wonderful parents were entirely too smart to leave their very nice retirement home and head to the town square (Sumpter Landing) for the festivities... my fifteen year old daughter and I; however, are decidedly less wise, so at about 9:00 we hijacked the golf cart (don't DARE call it a "go cart") and headed out for a night on the town, leaving mom and dad to screen Napoleon Dynamite with the boys.

First, parking was a nightmare... even with two to four golf carts cramming into every car-sized parking space. We drove around the square a few times, marveling at the old fogies dancing and liquored up beyond any reasonable level, and finally found a place to park.

As we walked the two or three blocks to the village square, almost run down by two or three different golf carts, dad's parting words, "Watch out for drunks in golf carts..." reverberated in my head. Arriving in the square I was amazed at the number of old folks gathered around... I'm no expert in crowd estimation, but if there weren't 800 people or more there, I'd be shocked. It was like St. Patricks day at the Dublin Pub ... with a somewhat "grayer" topside. Drunks EVERYWHERE ... dancing, stumbling, yelling "happy new year!" As we passed a couple of bemused Sheriff's deputies, my daughter said, "Shouldn't they have Paramedics standing around instead? For when one of these dancing old people goes down?" (She has the wonderful wit of her father.)

We left long before the bell tolled midnight... I had a long drive ahead of me in the morning, and it was becoming more and more out of control. I haven't seen that sort of debauchery since Ozz Fest '05... thank heavens the Ozz Fest tradition of the ladies walking around with their bare breasts painted hasn't yet hit The Villages...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved it!! That was one funny night! i love you daddy!!!!

11:15 AM  
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