Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wow... Belle's Hopslam. In the words of Eric Idle of Monty Python fame:

"...This is a bottle with a message in it, and the message is BEWARE! This is not a wine for drinking -- this is a wine for laying down and avoiding."

(Replace "wine" with "beer")

While the taste is 'oh-so-yummy' I feel obligated to warn you that consuming more than one and a half Belle's Hopslams before mounting your trustee steed , er... I mean "driving your car", might be grounds for arrest.

The "Rate Beer" review pegs it at 9.5% alcohol, and goes on to say, "A biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale. With a name like Hopslam, what did you expect?"

Amen, brother.

If you find a sixer, buy it right up and take it home for drinking. Or, if you have a local pub where you can find it, get yerself a designated driver and drink a few...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a dip shit!!!!

1:46 AM  

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