Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey... Don't Judge Me!

So what? Some people pose for pictures with their wife, some pose for pictures with their kids, I just happen to pose for pictures with my electronics, there's nothing "dorky" about that!

It's not a fancy monitor by modern standards, but it's my first flat panel ... (a 20" Acer widescreen) and I'm pretty pleased with it, as you can tell. Thanks to my friends at for the wonderful deal on it.

I think I'll call in sick to work and stay home playing video games...

(Update from later in the day: On second thoughts, I'd better clarify: That last line was a JOKE. I did go to work,I would never call in sick to play video games... I don't want this showing up in some psychotic person's deposition or anything.)


Blogger Unknown said...

You are not a are my hero! Nice monitor!

5:58 PM  

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