Thursday, June 21, 2007

Incipient Cerebrations

Incipient is one of those pet words of mine... I like the word, but I feel sort of sorry for it. Incipient is too often misused as a synonym for incessant or as some mangled form of insipid, which is itself generally being misused by the writer or speaker.

But I've wandered from where I was originally headed. When I set up my cool little Razr to do moblogging the other night, I quickly fired off a rapid secession of posts to Blootered, only to delete them later. It wasn't that I was displeased with the results... to the contrary, the process was simple and quick and cool beyond words. The problem lied in not being able to write. I could post a photo with a title and short caption, but my twelve-key phone made text entry so trying that I couldn't write more without going insane. So, as I sat here at my computer at 2:00 a.m. listening to Fade Into You by Mazzy Star playing on a loop it suddenly hit me that the moblogs reflected just my most incipient thoughts.

The beginnings of a thought.
The spark of a coming cerebration.
Idea embryos.

So I decided to create a new place for my moblogs... somewhere that I could send a quick pic and a word or two.

Incipient Cerebrations


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