Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What's on the Grill? Salmon!

Salmon, the other pink meat.

Wowzers... tonight I made my very first meal off the Cooking for Engineers website I wrote about a couple weeks ago...

I opted to go for their Grilled Salmon recipe from Michael Chu. The results were absolutely amazing.

The soy-maple glaze is a real sticky mess, and it made a complete disaster of the grill and my basting brush, but it was well worth it. (Imagine dipping your basting brush in peanut brittle when it's still "liquid"; that was about the result I had.) The end result was fantastic, and all the kids gobbled it up like mad:

I'd say this is a great salmon for people who don't like salmon. Unfortunately my wife, who fits into that category very well, wasn't home tonight and didn't get to try any. I'm quite certain, though, that when I make this again in a few weeks, she'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Engineers rock!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salmon? How much money is Englewood paying you? Are you kidding me?

Totally kidding. Todd Krueck from the Bush Campaign here, trying to give Eric a hard time.

Hope all is well my man. The salmon actually looks good and I'm going to call you next time I'm in Ohio, so keep working on the cooking.

Take care of yourself and the family,


6:27 AM  

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