Monday, August 06, 2007


For several reasons, I seem to have taken a sort of blootered hiatus. (and, knowing the meaning of the term blootered it seems a very appropriate term.)

My excuses for not writing (in the order of occurrence, not necessarily importance.):

1. Moblogging and Incipient Cerebrations made me lazy.
2. I went on vacation in early July and didn't have a good Internet connection most of that time.
3. I was home for a couple days, then left to go to Woodland Trails Scout Reservation for Boyscout summer camp.
4. One of my two best friends in the world (um, the male one) moved in with us for a week or so.
5. I've been busier than in a long time: between work, yard work, and bier, there was hardly any time to write.

That said, there have been many times in the last month that I've thought... "I should blog that!" So over the next couple of days, I'll try and catch up a little bit... starting with my next entry about a different sort of camping experience...


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