Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I'm no farmer...

For some reason, every year I feel the need to plant a garden. I have a small, ten foot by three foot garden in the corner of my yard, and I always have to plant something in it. I can't explain why, I can't explain what I get out of it... I just have to do it. Perhaps it is the DNA of my farming family peeking it's head out every spring, but I always feel like I need my veggie garden.

This would be a normal gardening-type of blog entry except for one thing... I'm not one of those dedicated gardeners who toils all summer in his garden in order to enjoy the vegetables of his labor come harvest time. I'm what you might call a "plant it and forget it gardener." Sometime around mother's day (because someone told me that mother's day was a good time to plant things) I spend a day or two getting the garden ready and then dropping a few plants in the dirt. For that first few days I'll water the plants to make sure they took hold. Then I check back somewhere around August to see what the garden looks like. No pruning, fertilizing, pesticiding, weeding, or any of that silliness... I just drop it in the ground and come back a few months later to see if I had any luck.

You've heard that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, right? Well, this year I planted two kinds of hot pepper plants, one little tomato plant, a cucumber vine, and some lettuce. When I came back from a few weeks of vacation, I peeked in the back yard and saw that the little bitty tomato plant and the cucumber vines had teamed up to turn into something not unlike the plant in The Little Shop of Horrors. The lettuce had been completely consumed and the pepper plants were being choked out. I jumped into action and hacked some of the foliage away from my pepper plants, trying to save them... the pepper plants are always my favorite.

After, as I was picking some of the killer tomatoes, I looked up and saw something amazing hanging from the cucumber vine wrapped around the makeshift fence protecting the garden from the dogs... I spotted THIS:

Now I'm no farmer, but that's one bigass cucumber, isn't it?

Ladies, let the bidding begin...

Well, a few weeks later, I've picked a peck or two of peppers and tomatoes and my first big harvest of chilies is in the dehydrator now...

Ahhh... the smell of those wonderfully hot little boogers as it permeated the house over the last two days of dehydrating makes it worth all the hard work I didn't do.


Blogger keithk said...

Eric, is your house built on top of the remains of an atomic research site? That cucumber is HUGE!

8:27 AM  

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