Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let's put something to rest, could we?

Perhaps it's at least partially fueled by Mike Ness screaming over my PC speakers as I'm drinking a beer and trying to think of what it was I had sat down to write, but I suddenly find myself inexplicably angry over something that I must get off my chest...

The freakin' daddy long legs is not the most venomous spider in the world!!!

I've been quietly listening to people spout this BS for years, and I've had enough! No one is impressed by your pseudo-knowledge. First of all, a true daddy long legs isn't even a freakin' spider, for pete's sake! It's called an opilione, and it has no venom at all. Cellar spiders, which are actually spiders and which are also sometimes called Daddy Long Legs, do have venom (as all spiders do according to most spider-ologists) but it's never been known to harm a human at all.

I may regret having written this: for years I've used the "Daddy Long Legs Litmus Test" as I call it to silently screen the likely idiots from people less likely to be idiots. If the word gets out, I'm gonna have to find a new litmus test....

Ahh... Ness is now screaming, "Ignorance like a gun in hand, reach out to the promised land." Seems an appropriate place to end.


(Oh shutup already ... I know they aren't called "spider-ologists", the word is arachnologist. Sheesh...)


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