Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things I heard on the trail...

I finally got around to taking the boys backpacking down in RRG for a couple of days. Other than getting downpoured on for the entire second day on the trail, we had a wonderful time. It's always interesting to see any of my kids in a new experience... first morning at a new school, first day behind the wheel of a car... it's always interesting to see how they react to new experiences. I had two full days to watch the boys react to the somewhat disorienting feeling of being tossed into the wilderness without any comforts they were accustomed to. One thing kids seem to be particularly good at, and at which all three of mine excel at, is summing up life's little issues with a sometimes amazing amount of clarity. Here are some of the things I heard on our short trip, several captioned to an appropriately corresponding photograph:

Nathan: "I like backpacking, except for the walking... and the carrying the pack."

Zach: "If Nathan fell from there, he'd die..."

Zach: "DMQ is stupid."

Nathan: "I'm too tired to pee..."

Zach: "The best thing about backpacking is the food... but I wouldn't like this stuff at home."

Nathan: (referring to his cat-hole) "You can't get away with this at home!"

Zach: "River water is better than home-water!"

Nathan: "...same thing dad does at home..."


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