Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's on the Grill? Acorn Squash (and the usual)

I know what I like and I like what I know...

Since last night's grilling included for the most part nothing new and interesting, I wouldn't even have bothered posting this installment of my grilling escapades except that I do get to write about two of my favorite things: painfully hilarious injury to myself, and a new food item for the fam.

Since I really only have two nights a week that I can grill for everyone, I find myself getting a little less adventurous and a little more conservative in my grilling. I keep going back to one thing I know I like, and that the whole family also likes, and that's grilled taco night. So once again I marinated a bunch of shrimp and thin-cut sirloin and tossed it on the grill. I also wrapped half the shrimp in bacon. Nothing smells quite as good to me as shrimp in any sort of peppery-marinade while it sizzles on the grill. It's an amazing smell that instantly makes my mouth water, and the bacon added a wonderful kick to the smell, too. I really wish I had one of those new Smell-O-Vision cameras from Olympus. Instead, I've signed up for a new Blooger Pro account, which enables the cutting edge scratch-and-sniff technology for your monitor. Simply scratch the image below, and you'll smell what I mean:

(Did you really scratch? Yeah, you're an idiot.)

Idiot or not, you didn't read this far along to read about something I make all the time... you are waiting for the personal injury part, right? Some years ago I remember someone telling me not to use olive oil to oil my grill because it sometimes left a sticky, nasty residue. I always use vegetable oil, and I did again last night; however, there was almost a quarter cup or so of olive oil in the marinade I used for the steak. I made the steak first, because I learned a couple months ago that bacon grease fires can quickly burn any food left on the grill. After I took the steak off, I noticed there was a considerable amount of burnt charred goo on the grill, and I wanted to scrub it off before throwing the shrimp and squash on. I cranked the grill up and let it run at about 500 degrees for four or five minutes, saw that all the charred goo looked good and crispy, and grabbed the grill brush to scrub the goo away.

I'm not sure if "molten olive oil googlob" is the correct term or not, but when it landed on the top of my flip-flop laden left foot, the pain was horrible. I have pretty strict personal rules about wearing appropriate footwear at appropriate times. I never mow, weedwack, dig, or chop anything in gymshoes, always leather boots. I guess I'm going to have to start wearing sturdy foot protection when I'm grilling, too. Knowing how much Mike likes feet, I had to add this shot in:

(Oh, the reason it looks more like a cut than a burn is because I sliced my foot with the tongs as I was wacking the burning googlob off my foot)

On to the squash. I took several pictures of the squash on the grill, but it really wasn't that interesting. Picture a softball wrapped in aluminium (Zoe: I said that out loud just now, and pronounced it correctly just for you.) foil and you'll have the idea. The squash was cut in half, seeded, then filled with butter, brown sugar, and a half slice of bacon. The end result was fantastic, although not overly-popular with the kids:

Again, not exactly anything earth-shattering on the culinary front; but truth be told, I'm really not that good on the grill; most of what my friends think are things I make well are just ideas I stole from Mike (and then re-created poorly.) But what matter is, I know what I like, and I like what I know ... and I like grilled tacos!

(Did you click the link thinking that there really was a smell-o-vision camera? Be honest, I won't call you an idiot for that one...)


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