Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's on the Grill? Frybread

Well, actually the frybread was in the fryer... the grill had pepper-lime shrimp and thin-sliced steak for tacos...

The night started in response to Mike posting pictures of his yummy grilled taco meat the other day... ever since then I've had an urge to grill up some more tacos. As usual, I tossed some shrimp on ...

Just before the shrimp went on, my mom called and as we were talking, she told me my aunt Gigi was headed to Mom & Dad's for a visit. When I was a kid, we went to Gigi's house once and she made this wonderful cross between a pita, a tortilla, and sopapilla bread she called Indian Fry Bread. A few years later I ran into it again, and this time a NPS Ranger giving a tour of some indian ruins referred to it as "Indian Fry Bread, or what was once called Indian Chew Bread." This ranger's tale was that the indian mamma used to mix the bread by chewing the flour and water, then would spit the bread into a pan containing boiling suet, to make the bread. I always thought that perhaps the ranger was full of it, a thought that was somewhat solidified by this.

Anyway, I had a bag of fry-bread mix in the freezer, and yanked it out. I fried it in peanut oil instead of saliva and raw beef fat. The results were better than I remembered:

The fry bread makes a perfect container for any sort of taco-related dish... and the kids devoured it.


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