Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Expedition Preparation...

I had forgotten how much goes in to properly preparing oneself to head into the inhospitable winter mountains ... check lists, maps, sorting gear, permits, weather watching... it's enough to make a guy want to stay home and drink beer.

OK, not really.

This afternoon I tried a new (to me) method of waterproofing my topos... Thompson's Water Seal. I always used expensive "map sealers" in the past, but when worthless GS Outfitters told me that they didn't carry "anything like that" I got online and found that lots of people were swearing by Thompson's to keep their valuable maps from melting in the rain. Not to mention, I got a gallon and a half of Thompson's for what I would have paid for several ounces of nixwax map goo or whatever.

So apparently I violated a federal law or two tonight:

It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with it's labeling.

...because I couldn't find "map waterproofing" instructions anywhere on the Thompson's container. A little googling later, and I had some instructions. Now my maps are hanging in the basement to dry:

... and the whole house smells like Thompson's. (I guess they meant that whole "well ventilated area" bit on the can, huh?)

I did notice this while hanging one of the topos out to dry, and I think it might be an area for me to avoid:

I've got enough of those in my life...


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