Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's on the Grill? Chops -n- Taters

I must confess to having somewhat of a love-hate relationship with the TV series License to Grill and Chef Robby Rainford. The man can grill, that's for freakin' sure; it's his personality that gets to me a little. Did you ever have that over the top "look at me! look at me!" guy who comes around your circle of friends? Rainford is that guy in my TV world.

But the guy can grill...

So tonight I decided to jump on FoodTV's website for a couple of Rainford recipes that I remembered looking strikingly good as I was watching the show with the "mute" button depressed. The first was twice grilled potatoes, and the result was amazing. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to keep the Chi of the Grill flowing that I apparently forgot to snap any tater photos. Trust me on this one, though... click here and follow the directions, and you'll be in twice-grilled heaven.

I did run in to my first problem of the night during the tater-grilling. I went out to preheat the grill for tater-grilling round one, went inside, came back out ten minutes later to find the grill at a whopping 150 degrees. Out of LP. No problem, I'll grab my trusty backup LP tank... which apparently I already grabbed once this summer, because it was empty, too. Forty minutes later, I was back on track with two full LP tanks.

Oh what the hell, I'll steal a photo of Rainford's taters... mine weren't quite as pretty, but they were amazingly good...

(Oh, another confession... the taters were last night, the chops were tonight. We're going to combine two nights of grilling into one entry, okay?)

So, along with the twice-grilled taters, I decided to try a grilled and stuffed yellow squash recipe that Rainford did once. While visually stunning, the taste wasn't quite for me. I enjoy squash, but packing it full of cream cheese seems to be ruining the wonderful squashy flavor, not to mention ruining most (if not all) of the health benefits of eating a veggie.

The stuffing was interesting, and consisted of green onions, the aforementioned cream cheese, lemon juice and zest, and pinion nuts. Now, I'm a real pinion nut fan... love the expensive little boogers, but here's where my second problem of the night came in. I fumbled my fresh squeezed lemon juice as I was pouring it in and spilled the lemon seeds in with the pinion nuts (already in the mixing bowl.) For those who don't know what a pinion nut looks like... picture a lemon seed.

Now, I present the picture below, slightly out of focus but making the point no less, and ask you to pick the lemon seeds out from the pinion nuts:

(And no, the slightly more yellow bits in the middle are not the lemon seeds, it's simply freshly grated lemon zest on top of some pinion nuts.)

Soooo ... I spent a good ten minutes sorting nuts from seeds... much like managing people, as a matter of fact.

Finally, the chops. Nothing too special here... the wife was at work and the daughter was sick, so with only us guys eating, I grabbed three chops out of the freezer that I had stored for just such an occasion and tossed them on:

(Check it out... my chops are spooning!)

All in all ... quite yummy.


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