Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's on the grill? My Anniversary

Well, I'm a day late, but yesterday was our thirteenth anniversary, and we celebrated in typical Totel fashion with a night of food and sitting around on our butts. I originally wanted to treat the missus to a real nice dinner, then I checked the ATM and decided perhaps a lovely meal of anniversary gruel would be better.

I ended up deciding that a "fancier than normal" grilling was in order for such a joyous occasion, and opted for grilled quail. For those not familiar, this would be a quail, pre-grilling:

Isn't he a purdy burdy?

So... the wife instantly said ... "I'll have steak." Which didn't surprise me too much, so I also grabbed some steaks that I had in the freezer from Omaha Steaks. This was my first go-round with the top-shelf Omaha Steaks, thanks to a gift card from my brother. Here's the visual:

Oops! Got a little quail in there. The Omaha Steaks were good -- perfectly marbled -- but not worth the premium price tag, IMHO.

The kids ate quail. Really, every quail I've ever had has left me with the same opinion: It's a low-fat, teeny-weeny, cutesy little chicken. These were no different. "Tastes like chicken" as the old mantra goes. Personally, my biggest problem with quail is the decidedly unladylike way that they insist on sitting on the grill:

I named that little whore with her legs spread, "Susie." (For no particular reason.)

It was a good dinner, enjoyed by all... and a good anniversary, too.


Blogger Unknown said...

LOL!! What, are you trying to kill my chances of ever grilling quail!!

BTW, I have been thinking of that lately, nice job.

8:44 AM  

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