Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One more great thing about having kids...

There are many great things about kids. One of my favorites is that the kids give me an excuse for doing childish things I secretly enjoy. Because of the kids, I'm able to say, "I'm doing this for the kids." Among the things I've managed to do for the kids:

  • Building plastic models for the kids

  • Building and flying model rockets for the kids

  • Buying a nice telescope for the kids

  • Buying a nice microscope for the kids

  • Upgrading my computer monitor and video card for the kids

  • Buying game consoles for the kids

  • Hooking game consoles to surround sound for the kids

  • Networking the game consoles to the Internet for the kids

  • Going backpacking for the kids

  • Having dogs for the kids

Well, another of my favorites is carving pumpkins for the kids. To be completely honest, this year I only carved one of our four pumpkins. Pumpkin carving had always been a strictly "dad" function, but this year my wife decided to give it a shot while I was at work, and I must say she did an incredible job. When I got home her hands were sore, so I did the last one for her, but other than that these are all the work of my lovely pumpkin carving wife:


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Nice job Tonya!!

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