Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My little Weng...

Well, it finally happened. After months and months of planning and anticipation, the Weng Weng (pronounced "Wing Wang") viewing party finally took place at casa totel last night. For the uninitiated, Weng Weng is a two foot nine inch kung fu midget. (Although my more recent research would indicate that it is actually more likely that Weng suffered from progenia.) Anyway... here's the trailer:

I have two people to blame... er, credit for giving me the idea for this party. First, Landon, who put a short Weng Weng video on his myspace page. Upon seeing it... the hook was set. I had to know more... who was this little man? I tirelessly scoured the internet for a couple of days and ended up purchasing two Weng Weng DVD's. When the DVD's came, I showed them to Dave, who had also seen the trailer. Dave immediately said, "We need to have a get together to watch these!" And so we did.

A small group of friends gathered in my living room, surrounded by mini-sized appetizers in honor of the lilliputian kung fu master... and with an appropriate quantity and assortment of beer, including mini-sized bottles of MGD that Landon managed to scare up somewhere.


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