Friday, January 11, 2008

The catch-up blog...

Wow... after posting Spider Pig below, I suddenly realized that I hadn't written anything in nearly a month, which came somewhat as a surprise to me... I seem to remember writing things, but apparently all I've been doing is thinking of things to write, then never actually sitting down to do it. So this will be the catch-up blog from the few things I can remember that I had intended to sit down and do, but never got around to:

Christmas PS3:

I never posted anything about Christmas... yes, we did have Christmas at our house, and yes, it was wonderful. In keeping with my earlier post about things that are great about having kids, I managed to convince Santa that the boys needed a new PS3. Quite an amazing thing. I had a Lieutenant once who talked about how the only sounds you would hear as you walked through his house were the sounds of shooting, dying, and other sorts of carnage. Now I know what he meant. Between the PS3 on the big screen being pumped out through the surround speakers, and Rainbow 6: Vegas coming from the PC speakers, I think my poor wife has some sort of contact-PTSD.

If you have a PS3, you must buy Metal of Honor 4: Modern Warfare. Then get with me online and we can kill each other.

Christmas Dinner

My days off magically landed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I can't remember the last time I had both off, so that was kind of cool. I didn't realize until Christmas Eve that we didn't have any plans for Christmas Day. With mom and dad being down in Florida now, our usually Christmas dinner wasn't going to happen, so I asked Tonya if I should make a nice Christmas dinner for the fam.

I went to the store originally planning on a nice big ham or turkey; the usual Christmas dinner, but ended up spotting a huge pork loin on sale for a great price and decided that we'd settle on the less-traditional grilled pork for Christmas dinner:

My brother-in-law Randy and his beautiful wife Pam ended up coming over to share Christmas dinner with us, which was enjoyable and made the meal that much better.

Aborted New Year's Roast

Originally I know I had more to write about this topic, but for now, all I can remember is that I took a picture of the pretty bed of veggies that I laid my roast in before putting it in the oven:

I'm really not sure why it was I took that picture, and I can't remember what I had intended to blog about the roast... but I can tell you this: In the end, the roast was horrible... tough, tasteless, yucky meat that was slightly less chewy than bubblegum mixed with beef jerkey (yes, I do know what bubble gum and jerky tastes like...) After making the kids each choke down a nasty slice of the roast beast, I remembered something my mom used to do with leftover roast: I diced the remaining two pounds or so up real small the next morning when I got off work and threw it in a crockpot all day with a jar of BBQ sauce... that night we had BBQ beef sandwiches that the kids said was "the best thing you ever made, dad." They didn't believe it was the same meat we had the night before.

Perhaps if leftover crock-pot BBQ is the height of my culinary achievement to date, I need to give it up and stick with delivered pizzas.


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