Monday, March 03, 2008

Down with leap year!

While I wasn't entirely blootered by the end of the evening, the nights still managed to have a blootered feeling to it.

The wife and I managed to get around to seeing U2 3D over the weekend. We started Friday evening out having appetizers at Pacchia with Landon and Jolene. Being leap day, all appetizers were half off (which is, of course, the traditional way to celebrate leap day right?) I hadn't been to Pacchia in several years, but was absolutely thrilled with both the food and the beer selection when I'd last eaten there. This time was no different. Yummy grub and a great selection of beers. I had two, although I can't for the life of me remember their names. A chocolaty porter and a Trappist ale.

As we were eating we noticed a man and woman outside the windows on the sidewalk protesting something. I was beginning to get nervous that it was some anti-war hippie and that Jolene (the consummate liberal) and I would end up throwing bread at each other in some sort of ideological battle at the dinner table, when we all realized that the guy was protesting against leap day. We watched for a while, all sort of perplexed by the whole thing. After a bit, a couple of pro leap year people showed up to support the beleaguered leap year. Finally it was too much for Jolene and I to bear: we grabbed our coats, left everyone else at dinner, and ran outside to investigate.

The pro-leap people seemed nice enough, but had some pretty lousy signs made out of notebook paper. They obviously didn't have quite the amount of experience in social disobedience as their rivals across the street, but Jolene seemed smitten by their cause and asked that I snap a quick photo of her with one of the pro leap people:

After hearing all the reasons that we should support leap day, we crossed fifth street to engage the anti leap day people in some intelligent conversation. In the end, the anti guy promised me that if I were to assist him in eliminating leap day, it would be one day later on the calendar, and one day warmer. His logic seemed as reasonable as the logic of any protester I've ever encountered, so he handed me a sign, and I joined in his leap day protest for a few minutes:

Personally, the jury is still out in terms of my opinion of leap year, but after a little research, including reading the flier that the anti-leap yer guy handed out, I seem to find myself gravitating to Pope Gregory XIII's 1582 edict that changed the calendar and made it so that leap year would only be observed in years ending in "00" if the year could be divided by 400.

I bet the calendar-making lobbyists hate that idea...


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