Saturday, April 12, 2008


Everyone needs an iphone.

I've had mine for barely 48 hours and already can't get over how truly
cool and useful it really is.

As an example: I was just getting ready to knock off to bed a little
bit ago when Jolene called to tell me that she and Landon had found a
house that they want to buy. Jolene asked what I knew about the 'hood.

Still laying in bed wearing nothing but my boxers, I managed to
maintain my phone conversation wig Jolene while I also:

- looked up the address on google maps
- Checked out a very clear satellite image of the house and the
- Found out that the house was a bank repo that is being flipped.
- Checked the guy doing the flip for criminal convictions / business
- And even managed to find out the selling prices of some houses

All without putting my pants on, or even having to sit up!

Living in the future is cool!


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