Sunday, April 06, 2008

Why I only drink Russian Vodka

I love vodka, as all of my friends, and more than a few of my enemies can attest to. Absolut is ok when you can't get any actual vodka. Kind of like MGD is almost like beer when there isn't really any bier around.

The below ad from the Absolut people makes it easier for me to avoid Absolut in favor of tastier vodkas.

Here's the whole FOX article.

I always thought the Swedes were kind of weird, anyway. Proof below:

Proof #1

Proof #2

Proof #3

Proof #4

(Also, I must insist that you go back and actually watch at least one of the videos at the link in Proof #2. Seriously, I insist.)

Ahh... before I go to bed, I think I'll take a shot of that Imperia I have stashed away:


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