Friday, June 06, 2008

Anyone know a good mason?

Or a cheap one? Or one who doesn't have plans tonight?

In case you can't make it out, you are looking at the side of my house where the decorative stone facing sloughed off, damn near taking my head off in the process.

I was replacing the old in-wall air conditioner, which had apparently been there so long that it had become a structural member. As soon as I slid the old unit out, the stones came falling off.

The ones that remain are BARELY there. I'm torn between thinking that I should go ahead and start pulling the loose ones off, and worrying that (as these things often go with me) if I start doing so, things will snowball out of control. I imagine I'd soon be sitting in a pile of bricks and rubble where my nice house once stood.

I love old houses ... But as I prepare to cry myself to sleep right now, I'm thinking a newer house just might be nice!


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