Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Single Again!

OK, only for another five and a half hours or so... but I got your attention, I imagine.

I shipped my wife and kids #2 and #3 off to The Villages to visit mom and dad. With a crazy-busy week of work scheduled I sent kid #1 off to stay with mother-in-law. Most married guys at some point think to themselves, "I kinda wish I was still living that fun bachelor life." Some of them even think it out loud, and quite a few even hire lawyers to say it for them. After four days of being basically single and child-less, I can definitely say it's not for me. Thinking about it, I think this is the first time since we've been married that I've been left at home alone for more than a day or so without either the wife or kids around to keep me company.

The house that at times seems cramped and full of too many people suddenly gets real big and quiet when there's no one else around. I'm generally a person who appreciates my alone time. As a matter of fact, my wife just called from the airport lamenting that she hates eating alone in a restaurant, while I have absolutely no inhibitions whatsoever about sitting in a bar or restaurant alone with my thoughts. My enjoyment of alone time apparently doesn't apply to periods of time longer than a few hours, because I'm currently bored out of my mind.

Even the dogs are bored. Every time I come home, they greet me at the door with a look on their face that says, "Oh, it's just you again." It probably didn't help the dogs any that for the last four days my pattern has basically been: come home, let the dogs out, go to bed, wake up, let the dogs out, go to work, come home, let the dogs out... and repeat. The busy schedule probably kept me from going even more stir crazy, because it wasn't until last night and today (my first time off with nothing else planned to do) that I realized how lonely and bored I am.

Even the things that can normally occupy my down time are less interesting. I thought to myself, "I should do the dishes before She gets home..." Guess what? The only dishes in the sink were the ones from dinner the night before they left, with the exception of a couple cups and one bowl. (Ice cream is my only mistress.) Dishes went pretty quick; I thought I should do some laundry. Other than the clothes I've worn the last few days... there is nothing to wash! I did run the Dyson around the house ... the dogs certainly continued shedding while everyone was away. It even looks weird to see all the PS3 games and DVD's all still neatly stacked from where we made the kids clean up on Thursday.

Well, the oven tells me that my frozen pizza is done (Yes, it's THAT bad.) I wonder if Rhapsody has a soundtrack of fighting boys, whining teenage girls, and the sounds of video game carnage that I can download and blare out to keep me company while I eat?


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