Friday, November 28, 2008

Best Food EVER? I think it probably is...

I know that I usually try to post up some pics of something I've cooked, grilled, or at least something I've eaten. This is none of the above, yet I feel pretty confident in stating that even though I have never tasted this, it might quite possibly be The Perfect Food.

You, my dear reader, are feasting your eyes upon the elusive Turbaconducken. Yes, as you suspect, the Turbaconducken is a traditional Turducken wrapped in bacony goodness.

I'm brought to tears just thinking of the wonderful flavor that must come from this amazing entree. Sounds like a dish for man-night.

Complete instructions below at; which might just possibly be my new favorite website.


Blogger Unknown said...

Wow....that is impressive! Man-Night dish indeed!

12:35 PM  

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