Friday, December 19, 2008

My Internets Friends!

(The above title has to be read in your best "Borat" voice...)

Just barely over a year ago, I had quite a bit of fun giving Mike some shit for running off to Columbus for the weekend to hook up with a priest he met on the Internet. (If you think I'm kidding...)

Now here I sit, older and wiser, with some Internet Friends of my own.

Since this is a season for reflecting, and all that standard hogwash, I was sitting and doing a little reflecting the other day when opening a Christmas card I got from my friend Scoob in Scotland. I started thinking about this bigass globe we all live on and how really... it's not all the big at all. In high school I dated Larissa, an exchange student from Germany ("Dear Penthouse..." Just kidding... it wasn't like that at all.) Anyway, when Larissa moved back to Germany, I remember feeling this new sense of "connection" with the world. When I would hear news from Germany, my thoughts always went to Larissa and her family. I was glued to the TV as the wall came down (Yes, I AM that old.) All these years later, news from Germany still makes me think of my old friend Larissa. (I got an email from her a few years ago, and was happy to hear she's doing well and is raising a nice family.)

I'm not the kind of guy who goes trolling the Internet for new friends (shutup, Mike.) so imagine my surprise recently when I suddenly found myself with a small group of Internet pals. I started playing with a cool new iphone picture-sharing app, and the next thing I knew, I was growing genuinely fond of the people I was regularly sharing pictures and commenting with. Umm... this is a good time to mention that they aren't THAT kind of photos. (Shutup, Mike.) And these aren't the kind of people I would normally run into in my regular circle of friends: there's the software designer, the pothead, the college grad (as of today!), the lady who runs a doggy daycare, the bisexual Scotsman, the chef to the rich and famous, the clothing designer... you get the idea. A real eclectic bunch. They're all cool as can be, and fun to hang out with online.

So thus lies one of the great powers of the Internet: drawing us all a little closer together. Just like with my old friend Larissa, when I hear news from Scotland, OKC, Japan, Texas, L.A. or Mexico, I have friends there... and it makes the news more "real"; makes the world a little smaller for me.

So for Erin, Wendella, Vince, Lance, Marko, Scoob, Justine, S.C., BeBe, Sunshine, rO_rmZ0, One_Fine_Artist, DIRTY, Error Malfunction, Trimere, Michelle, Shatoshi, and FRN-jpn (And anyone I left out...)

THANKS. You guys are all cool, and you all make my day a little brighter.

Hopefully someday I get to sit and tip back a beer or two with some of you guys in person.

(And thus ends my one annual sappy, stupid blog entry. Let the silliness resume.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh man nice entry, apologies for entering thru your back door.(haha).. I dont even know if this will post.

Thanks for the mentions here, the feeling is mutual bud.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It's only taken a year...but my Internet stigma has been lifted! Thanks Eric. I no longer feel dirty.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Wendella said...

Eric! It's been great getting to know you! Thanks for the mention! Means a lot!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay what about the animation chick from Brooklyn??? I love the sentiments in this writing Eric, I feel the same way about everyone. The world is truly getting smaller and we are all the better for it, to understand that we all have more things in common than we ever imagined! xxDiane

2:59 PM  

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