Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brew Day

Saturday was Brew Day, one of several mantivities Mike has planned while his lovely wife is off across the ocean eating crumpets and tea.

Bright and early I was up and on the road, looking for the last couple of supplies I thought I might need for brew day... I ended up at my new favorite double-pit-stop of stores, Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply, right next door to Harbor Freight Tools. Where else can I go in order to buy a brand new 20 gallon aluminum pot, and then walk right next door to buy some crap chinese tools to modify my new pot with?

Back at the house, I packed up Brewmobile 1 and headed to Mike's house.

After stopping to refill my propane tank, I arrived at Mike's just a few minutes late, and found that he had his mantacular brew cart already pushed out by the pool and ready to brew:

While Mike stuffed the hog's stomach he was planning to grill (Mexican Pig Flu be damned!) I got my meager brew setup together and started steeping my grains... Ooooh the smell was amazing:

After a couple of hours, my wort had been triple hopped (I'm shooting for a hoppy IPA... we'll have to see how it turns out) and it was time to test out the new wort chiller I had constructed for this very occasion:

The chiller worked as expected, which led me to postpone my plans to try constructing a counter-flow chiller sometime later in the summer.

Once everything was cleaned up and in the fermenters, it was time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather:

... and to eat some more of Mike's food & drink some more of Mike's beer.

The airlock was bubbling nicely a mere 24 hours later, and I stuck my nose up by the airlock to get a good snif... Mmmmm.... I'll let you know in three or four weeks what the results are. Thanks to Brewmaster Mike for taking me under his wing and helping me out with my very first partial mash kit.


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My distinct pleasure...get post. It's weird seeing pictures of me, as I am usually the one documenting!

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