Monday, May 11, 2009

Old School

I was pretty thrilled to find my old chucks in the attic the other day. I had no idea that they were still around. I've had these things since 1987, and I've now made a pact with myself that my vintage chucks will be among the many items my children will have to sort through after my death:

These chucks and I had been through a bit together. They were decorated by a string of girlfriends starting when I was about 17 and ending when I was about 20. I had to laugh as I looked at all the scribble on them in ink, paint, glitter paint, and just scratched in the leather soles.

My wife was somewhat less excited to see my old shoes than I was... lucky for her the insides are trashed and my old man orthopedic insoles won't fit inside. I guess they are relegated back to the attic for now.

Oh, and kids... if you throw them away after I die, I WILL haunt you.


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