Monday, November 23, 2009


I very much dislike the gay-rights political movement. I'm not sure exactly what gay-priders expect to accomplish with pride parades and the like, but it gets on my nerves. Which, now that I think about it, might actually be their goal.

I very much believe that what people do with their penises in the privacy of their own house, car, or bus station bathroom is their own business, not mine or the government's. As long as you don't impose your genitals on my genitals, we'll get along just famously. If two gay people want to get married, I absolutely cannot find any reason to deny them that happiness. No one has yet to make a credible argument for me explaining how two people of the same sex getting married will hurt me... because it won't. Of all the problems the world faces, and of all the horrible sin that's in the world, is two people loving each other really something that should concern us?

So... do whatever you want with your genitals, except putting them on parade.


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