Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." ~Charles de Gaulle

As I go through life, I've decided that one of my most solemn responsibilities is to make sure that my children and grandchildren enjoy the same liberties, rights, and opportunity that I have. I've determined for myself that providing a good education for my children is one way to accomplish this, and the other is to do everything I can to keep the country and my community moving in the direction I believe it should be going.

I threw myself into politics for the first time in 1996, and every election cycle since then I've found myself increasingly involved. I have no plans to be a candidate for anything; I've already seen my name on a ballot so there's no real novelty there anymore.

I prefer to continue to be the smoky-back-room and secret mission sort of guy, and I just look forward to the day when Keith and I can share that Georgetown apartment: Keith as Mike's driver and me as... umm, I don't know... "Minister of General Mayhem?"


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