Monday, January 18, 2010


On November 1 1987 I got to meet Bono behind the Hoosier Dome before the Rattle & Hum concert. He's a short bloke. I've never written about this one before, so it'll be a bit longer than my other items:

Landon and I had gone to the concert, and decided to get there about 9 hours early, for no particular reason. As we walked around the outside of the massive Hoosier Dome, we found the garage entrance where the limos would undoubtedly arrive, and noted that there were people hanging around. We saw a few folks we knew, so we decided to hang out a while and see what was up. The crowd grew to probably fifty or so people, and eventually, the limos came whipping around the corner and into the garage. Girls screamed, people waved and yelled, then the garage door closed and more than half the people left.

With nothing else to do, we hung out back there a bit longer, talking to other U2 fans we had met. More people left, and it started to drizzle. Even more people left, talking about walking across the street to get some dinner before the show started. Broke-ass poor, Landon and I didn't have any money for dinner, so we decided to hang a bit longer. Just as the six or eight of us who were left were deciding it might be time to go find our seats and started walking away, a door cracked open and a crew member of some sort yelled for us to wait. I figured we were in trouble.

He called us over to the door and said, "You guys have been standing out here all day and Bono wants to come out and meet you." Turning very serious, he added, "Any yelling, any grabbing, anything stupid and we take him back inside and it's all over."

I remember looking at the girls that were in our little group and telling Landon, "If one of them screams, I'm going to punch her in the mouth..."

None of them did, and the next thing I knew, one of my biggest heroes walked through the door, right up to me, stuck his hand out, and said, "My name's Bono, what's your name?" Bono then stood around, signed autographs, and talked to us all for a good fifteen or twenty minutes. I didn't have anything on me for Bono to sign, so he drew a picture of the Edge on my Joshua Tree shirt, which he also made sure to laughingly point out wasn't officially licensed merchandise! (Ooops.)

Considering the wave he and the band were riding in 1987, I found him to be genuine, humble, soft spoken, and quite convivial. I'm not sure if I more enjoyed meeting Bono, or being punched by President Bush.


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