Friday, February 19, 2010


I've always enjoyed traveling and have hit all of the lower 48. (Which, as an aside, is a strange way to refer to Hawaii, which I believe is the "lowest" of all states in terms of latitude ... perhaps I should stick with "contiguous.") I very much want to travel the rest of the world at some point. Thus far in life my international experience has been limited to a cruise to the Bahamas, and a few trips to Canada. I'm quite jealous of my little brother, who has managed to visit every continent except Antarctica (so far.)

I'd love to be able to actually live in another country for a period of time; to be able really soak up a bit of the culture and thoroughly explore. For the most part, I want to visit some countries that probably aren't all on most people's standard "let's do Europe" package tour. I have no particular interest in seeing France or Spain or Italy, but I'd certainly go if the opportunity arose.

In no particular order, the countries I'd most like to visit are:

Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia & Ukraine, Israel, India, Nepal, Chile, and one of the Somethingistans. Not sure which one... but one of them. I'm sure there are other places I'd love to visit, but these top the list for now.

I doubt I'll ever make it to all the places on my list, but I'm determined that I'll at least bang one or two off before I myself bang off, so to speak.


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