Saturday, February 20, 2010

A convenient place to poop

You wouldn't think there would be anything so special about simply having a place to poop, but in my house it's a thing no longer taken for granted.

You see, seven months ago I started remodeling our main bathroom. Our secondary bathroom is in the basement two levels below the the main bathroom... so for seven months we've been running all the way to the basement every time nature called or it was time for a shower.

The reasons for the long remodel time are a combination of time, money, laziness, and incompetence (mine, as well as the people before me.) Last week I finally got a toilet in the new bathroom, with Nathaniel's help (he fit under the toilet much better than I did):

Never satisfied, my wife complained because there were not yet any lights in the bathroom. Apparently pooping by flashlight is as inconvenient as running all the way to the basement to poop.

So this week... we have lights:

We're getting there... with any luck, the vanity will be installed soon and the shower/tub surround will be tiled shortly thereafter.

Then I'm selling all my tools and moving to an apartment.


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